Monday, 25 November 2013

Easy autumnal headbands

After last week's knitted headband tutorial, this week I thought I'd write a quick post to share a couple of other ideas for easy headbands that I've made recently. Personally, I think that headbands are great for this time of year when your ears can end up feeling a bit chilly but it's not quite cold enough for it to be proper hat weather yet. Plus, they're usually quick and easy projects which can be good for a bit of a break when you're in the middle of working on bigger things!

I made the first of the headbands using the 1950s pin up head scarf pattern which is available as a free download from Bluegingerdoll. It's super simple and a great way of using up material left over from other projects.

I used a vintage Laura Ashley brushed cotton, which makes it nice and warm! You can wear the head scarf knotted on top of your head, but I prefer it knotted at the back, like this...

My second headband is a crochet turban headband from the book Geek Chic Crochet (which has quite a few nice patterns if anyone is looking for some new crochet projects by the way!).

This is another really simple pattern - I only learnt to crochet earlier this year and I would still definitely classify myself as a beginner but I managed it no trouble. 

They've both been getting quite a lot of wear in the last couple of weeks as the temperatures have dropped.

I've got a couple of bigger WIPs which I'm close to finishing so I'll be back to share those soon!


  1. Ooo I may try the 50s pin-up headscarf, Rather fun looking. It's so cold now I need to keep my ears warm when out and about. Great post ideas.

    1. Thank you! You'd have the headscarf stitched up in no time - it's so simple!

  2. Wow, they look lovely! And I am amazed that you made three different versions: crocheted, knitted and sewn :) I had a look on Bluegingerdolls blog as well and when comparing yours and hers, I noticed that hers doesn't cover her ears. Did you make yours bigger? Or can you just pull it there? And most important: Does it stay? I am always worried with headbands that they move :)

    1. Thank you! They're very quick to make - that's why I managed three versions! I made my version of the Bluegingerdoll one longer (I have a massive head!) but not wider, I think you can just move it over your ears for when it's colder. And yes, mine stays in place - with the Bluegingerdoll one I think you should definitely be OK because you can tie it tightly so it doesn't move about. :-)


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