Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

The presents are all finished and wrapped, the Stollen is made and my bag is packed, so all that's left to do is to send you this kind of virtual Christmas card...

Peg People Nativity  Ruth @ Nightingale & Dolittle
This is the photo that I used for my Christmas cards this year - I made the little peg people, had a very lucky find coming across the starry fabric that I used for the background, and probably ended up with more straw on my living room floor than I did in the picture! I had the photos printed onto cards by moo and the quality was fantastic - I'd definitely recommend them.

I'll be back after Christmas to share some of the presents I've been making in the last couple of weeks, and to get started on the other projects I've been planning while working on the secret things. Have a lovely Christmas full of fun, family and fantastic food!

P.S. Check out my Emery dress with all the other beautiful versions in the Emery dress parade over on Christine's blog!


  1. Great card. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas makes after Christmas.

  2. Thanks so much Ruth. I got my card and it looks even better in real life. My daughter was really impressed and so am I. Did you make the sheep? They are super cute.

    1. Hi Tracy! Glad it reached you! Yes, I made the sheep - they're wispy bits of wool left over from some knitting I did that I very vaguely needle felted to make into sheep (they look better in the photo than they do in real life!). Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year!

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