Sunday, 7 April 2013

Retro rocket rascals makeup bag

The other week I got some great new fabric, which I wrote about here. I said I was going to turn it into a makeup bag, which I have now done thanks to a great pattern from Flossie Teacakes. The pattern was really easy to follow thanks to lots of pictures and really clear instructions - I often get puzzled about something or other half way through a project the first time I'm following a particular pattern but that didn't happen this time. I'm really pleased with the finished result, and here it is...

It's not quite perfect due to some issues I had with the interfacing I was using, but they can easily be ironed out and I think I may be having to make some more of these for presents for people soon.

I've already got another project on the go which could be a bit of a challenge, we'll have to see how it goes....

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