Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Now available on Etsy

Big news! Nightingale & Dolittle now has an Etsy shop and I'm taking my first steps into the ever-growing world of craft selling. I've been talking about doing this for ages, and seriously thinking about it for about 18 months since I've been self-employed, but I've now decided that it's time to stop talking and thinking about it and actually do something about it instead. I was quite nervous about putting my creations out there for public scrutiny, but so far the feedback has all been positive, fingers crossed it stays that way!

I'm concentrating on my home sewn items for now and have decided to work on the philosophy of creating simple pieces that are all beautifully embellished to add a touch of originality and fun. I only have a small range at the moment but I'm currently working on a few other designs that will hopefully be added in the not-to-distant future. You can find the shop here and you can also now find me on Facebook.

I'd also be happy to take commissions, so if you spot something that takes your fancy but you'd prefer it in a different colour or would like it to be personalised in some way, or if you have a completely different idea that you think I could make a reality, then please get in touch and I'll see what I can do!

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