Monday, 23 April 2018

Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pyjamas

The Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pyjamas have been on my sewing list for a long time now. I bought the pattern getting on for two years ago, and included it on my #2017makenine list. I didn't get round to making it last year so it was the first choice for this year's make nine list, and I'm happy to say that I've now finally sewn some fancy new pyjamas.

The Carolyn pyjamas feature a notched collar button up top, with a curved hem, breast pocket and sleeve options, with straight legged trousers or shorts, which both have an elasticated waist, pockets and faux fly. The pyjamas are also designed to use pretty contrasting piping details.

I used the short sleeved top from view C and I had masses of fabric so was actually able to make both the cuff-free trousers from view A and the shorts from view C.

In some ways, my version is a bit of a minimalist version of the Carolyn set. I was treating this as a (very) wearable toile and because of that, I didn't want to spend ages making piping (I couldn't find any in quite the right colour) and adding it this time - although I fully intend to make some more with piping now that these have turned out to be a success.

As I wasn't using piping, there didn't seem much point in using the cuffs because they wouldn't stand out properly so I just lengthened the pattern pieces for the sleeves and shorts so that they included the extra length that would have been provided by the cuffs. I also didn't use the breast pocket on the top because I knew that I'd never use it and I think my print is busy enough that it doesn't need a decorative pocket.

In terms of sizing, I followed my measurements and made a size 12 for the top and size 14 for the waist and hips of the trousers/shorts. I've heard some other people mention that the trousers/shorts are closer fitting through the legs so I blended out to a size 16 through the thighs because my thighs are proportionately quite large (a genetic 'gift' that I apparently have my Grandpa to thank for!). Let's face it, fit isn't as important on PJs as it would be on some other garments, but I think they've turned out to be the right combination of comfortably loose without being shapeless and tent-like.

The fabric I used is a fun raspberry print cotton and, depending on your bed linen purchasing preferences, may be familiar to some people because it's actually from an Ikea duvet cover (hence having masses of fabric!) from a couple of years ago. I originally bought it intending to make a dress, but I think it's actually better as pyjamas.

Sewing the Carolyn pyjamas was a really enjoyable process. They're a nice combination of the simplicity that you would usually expect from sewing pyjama trousers with the addition of the slightly more interesting faux fly, and the notched collar and buttonholes/buttons of the top. And of course the piping if I hadn't chosen to omit it!

They're perhaps not as beginner-friendly as some other pyjama patterns, but the instructions are very thorough and mean that even the slightly more challenging elements of the pattern are in no way tricky or daunting if you just take everything step by step.

I love how my Carolyn pyjamas turned out. It may seem like a small thing, but one of my favourite parts of the pattern is that it uses thicker waist elastic than some other PJs, which makes them really comfy. You'll hopefully be seeing some more pyjamas from me at some point soon-ish -  my pyjama drawer had got a bit neglected and I've got the Nina Lee Piccadilly pattern and a fun cotton print waiting to be combined together. Wish me luck!


  1. Great set, good idea making both lengths of trews!

    1. Thanks - I thought with the shorts/trousers I'd be able to wear them in almost all seasons!

  2. Ooo, I love these! The fabric is brilliant, and I love that the shorts have pockets.

    1. Thanks Lynne! I really like the pockets in the trousers/shorts too!

  3. These look amazing! I absolutely love the fabric .

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