Monday, 29 July 2013

Yeo Valley Farmhouse Cookbook

I've been trying out some new recipes recently so thought I'd share my latest adventures in the kitchen. Not long ago, I treated myself to a copy of the new Yeo Valley Farmhouse Cookbook - I wasn't sure about whether it would be the book for me as for some reason "Farmhouse Cookbook" seemed to suggest lots of meat to me (not sure why that was now!), and I'm not a massive meat-eater, but I was persuaded into buying it by the promise of a Cauliflower, caramelised red onion and Caerphilly cake which sounded like it needed to be tried to me. Sadly, I haven't got round to testing out that one yet, but I was really pleased with the book as there is a really good range of recipes for all times of the day, accompanied by some very tempting photographs. Probably my favourite thing was the fact that unlike other branded cookbooks, there isn't a recommendation to use a Yeo Valley product in all of the recipes - in fact there are actually instructions on making your own yogurt, ricotta, butter, cream cheese and creme fraiche at the start of the book. I have good intentions to try these at some point soon!

The first recipe I tried was the Raspberry, lemon & yogurt tea loaf...

And I also tried out the Elderflower Cordial recipe for my first attempt at elderflower foraging...

And I'm pleased to report that both were a huge success! I've also tried out a Chicken & mushroom lasagne and a Courgette, tomato and roasted pepper gratin - neither of which lasted long enough for me to take pictures of them, which is probably a fairly good sign! And Yeo Valley have the gratin recipe here if you fancy giving it a try yourself - I'd definitely recommend it.

Has anyone else been tempted by any new cookery books recently? Not that I need tempting with more of them, my shelves are already groaning under the weight of my collection as it is!

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