Thursday, 18 July 2013

Epic baking weekend

Last weekend, while we were enjoying the heat wave, I once again chose to spend longer than was possibly sensible standing in the vicinity of a hot oven as I made not one, but two slightly challenging cakes. The first was to feed some family that came to see us on Saturday, and given that they included 4 little girls and I'd spotted this recipe a few months back in Good Food magazine, I thought it was time to make a Rainbow Cake. The recipe, as always with Good Food, was really clear and easy to follow, and although it takes a bit of time to bake due to having to make the recipe 3 times over (or 4 if you opt for 7 layers), it was definitely worth it - here are the results...

Yes, it may contain quite a lot of artificial colours but I think that's OK on rare occasions for a treat!

Then on Sunday I faced what seemed to me at least to be a bigger challenge - the Fraisier. My Mum quite liked the look of this when she saw it made on the Great British Bake Off last year, and put in an early order for one for her birthday. I used a recipe from Patisserie at Home by Will Torrent which I also used when I made my Madeleines a couple of months ago - I was slightly daunted by the concept of the Fraisier at first but I worked through the steps and it was actually not too bad! The finished cake wasn't completely perfect, but I'm definitely pleased with it as a first effort, here it is....

Now what projects that are inappropriate for the temperature shall I embark on next?!

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