Sunday, 23 June 2013

Business card holder

Recently I got some business cards printed for my Etsy shop from the brilliant MOO (if you're looking for business cards I'd definitely recommend them - they're more expensive than some of the other options online but definitely worth it, I was really pleased with mine) and thought that they needed a nice home to live in. I considered buying one as there are many nice options out there, but in the end I decided that as I'm using them to promote my handmade business, I really should try making one myself.

I found a great tutorial from The Crafty Cupboard which seemed pretty simple so I decided to give it a go, and here is the result...

I repressed my urge to use as many pretty prints as possible, and instead used denim for the outside with the reasoning that it'll tougher and will wear better if I'm carrying it around in my bag all the time, but I thought appearance was more important on the inside so I chose two contrasting spotty prints...

And here it is with the cards in their new home...

I'm really pleased - I'd definitely recommend using this tutorial if you want to make yourself a card holder, it was really easy to follow and as you can see it produces great results!

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