Monday, 13 May 2013


When I unexpectedly won my WI bake off the other week, in addition to a rather handsome rosette I also won a voucher for the great shop Kitchens in Bristol, and this week I went and spent my winnings. One of the things I bought was a Madeleine pan - I've been wanting one so I could try my hand at Madeleine making for a while, but somehow it always seemed like a slightly frivolous thing and there was always something else I actually needed instead. But having a voucher seemed to be the perfect excuse to get one, so get one I did! And this weekend I put it into action, here are the results...

For a first attempt, I was really pleased with them - they were lovely and moist and were a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea. They're Honey and Vanilla Madeleines, I got the recipe from a magazine but it's taken from Patisserie at Home by Will Torrent. If this recipe is anything to go by, the book may have to be added to my ever-growing cookery book wish list!


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