Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Knitting - Patons 3769 Classic Knits cardigan

Today it's time for a quick break from all the sewing to share my latest finished knitting project - a cardigan knit using Patons leaflet 3769.

The pattern leaflet has quite a few different options that you can combine to make just the style that you want - a cardigan or waistcoat, different body and sleeve lengths, a range of stitch patterns and lace trim options. In spite of all of those possibilities, I still went a bit off piste and although the cardigan I knitted is very close to the pattern, it's not exactly the same as any of the versions in the leaflet.

The main change I made was to knit a cardigan that is mid-way between the regular length and cropped length specified in the pattern. This has given me a cardi that's the perfect length for wearing with my customary fit and flare style dresses. 

I originally intended to use the purl stitch rib stitch pattern, but when I started knitting there didn't seem to be great stitch definition with the yarn that I was using and it all just looked a bit of a mess. So I ripped it all back, and switched to one of the lace patterns included in the leaflet.

At this point I should probably mention, in case you're thinking of using the pattern, that the lace stitch patterns are labelled the wrong way round in the photos. Thankfully, while I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, I've knit enough lace in the past that I worked that out before I started. 

I chose the clover lace for my second attempt, but when I started knitting it felt like the repeats of the lace pattern were too close together and that I'd end up with a cardigan that was more holes than yarn. I decided to rip back again and restart the same pattern, but adding two extra rows of stocking stitch between each sequence of lace. Thankfully it was third time lucky and I was happy with that stitch pattern. 

Another change I made was to knit the sleeves in plain stocking stitch instead of using the lace pattern. That's just a personal preference because I sometimes feel like when I'm wearing a cardi with lace sleeves, the holes in the lace somehow seem to funnel the air onto my arms and make my arms feel colder than they would without a cardi on, which sort of defeats the point really! Am I weird or does anyone else have that problem?!

The yarn I used is Bergere de France Sonora, the same yarn that I used for my last cardigan, but this time in the colour Vapeur. It's a cotton and acrylic mix, which I really like - I think the acrylic content makes it feel more hardwearing than the pure cotton yarns I've used in the past. It's nice to knit with and comfy to wear and, just to make it even better, I got a complete bargain when I bought this (I think because the colour might have been discontinued). 

In terms of sizing, the finished measurements that I wanted are right between the small and the medium from the pattern. When I knit my tension swatch, the width was fractionally larger than it should have been. I did some calculations and worked out that if I knit the small with my slightly different tension then it should turn out to be pretty much the exact size I wanted. Possibly a bit of a gamble, but my maths must have been accurate that day because the fit turned out just right. 

Thankfully, after making all of those changes along the way, I'm really happy with how this cardigan turned out. Its just the right length for wearing with my dresses, and is a colour that will get a lot of use in my wardrobe. It is a kind of summery cardigan, but it's also warm enough that it's still going to be worn a lot this autumn. Now it's time to cast on a more wintery cardi! Are you knitting anything at the moment?


  1. What a great transitional cardigan! Reminds me I have some lightweight cotton/alpaca I should knit up into a cardigan for fall (or, more likely now, spring). Instead, I'm avoiding seaming a striped pullover by knitting on a simple ribbed scarf instead. Typing that out makes me realize why I'm usually a monogamous knitter...

    1. Thank you! Cotton/alpaca sounds like a lovely blend.
      I can see why you've been distracted by the scarf - seaming always seems like a bit of a mammoth job before you start it, but it's always worth it in the end!

  2. I'm knitting my first cardigan at the moment - one front half of cables and two plain sleeves to go, but summer is hitting here now! I love how your stitch pattern came out, I've been hunting around a bit for a cotton blend like this for when I get to move onto my next project.

    1. I've been in that situation of trying to get a cardigan for one season finished before the next one starts! At least if you don't get it finished in time, it will be ready for your autumn/winter next year!

  3. This looks gorgeous! I love the lacey stitch pattern you used - definitely worth all the effort and redoing. I know what you mean about lace work on arms, it can be a fine balance. Too large a sleeve and you get a cold, wind tunnel effect - too tight and your arm feels like sausage meat. The plain stockinette makes a lovely contrast and avoids the conundrum.

    I'm currently working on my first stranded knitting project which is a pair of fingerless gloves. I'm getting in a bit of a tangle with the wool, but so far I'm really pleased with how it looks.

    1. Thank you Jo! I'm glad it's not me that gets the wind tunnel effect on lacey arms!
      Sure your gloves will be worth the tangles - I've been meaning to try some stranded knitting for ages but I always get distracted by something easier!


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