Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Seeing stars - Enid sweater

How's your week going? To be honest, mine could've been better so far, but thankfully the thing that's made everything less than ideal (a particularly annoying work project) is now all done and dusted so I've spent tonight destressing by catching up on some blog reading and now I have my latest project to share with you - it's my second version of the Jennifer Lauren Enid sweater...

When I posted my first Enid, I mentioned that I'd seen some sweatshirt fabric that I really liked - this is it! I loved this starry sweatshirting as soon as I saw it on My Fabrics, and it didn't disappoint when it arrived. It feels lovely and the colour is gorgeous, plus I love stars so I was always going to be a fan of this one. I'm also glad I got it when I did because it seems to be sold out now, but they have lots of other sweatshirt material if you're after some. The ribbing is also from My Fabrics - they have lots of different colours of ribbing and both this black one and the pink I used for Enid number one were really nice quality.

As I mentioned when I was talking about my wearable muslin, this time I lengthened the bodice by an inch and that's made it just the right length for a cropped sweater. My first version is pretty much fine, but it's just a teeny bit on the short side and I feel like I end up pulling it down as soon as I move. The extra inch on this version makes all the difference and means that the sweater is still a nice cropped length but doesn't leave me at risk of skin being exposed around my waist! Lengthening bodices is a standard adjustment for me and I probably should have just done it first time around. Never mind, it's all sorted now.

Apart from that, I didn't change anything from my first version (other than succeeding in using my iron properly and not leaving marks on the fabric!) and there's not much else to say. I love the shape of the Enid sweater and it looks great worn with full skirts. The instructions are really thorough and clear, especially for the more complicated steps such as attaching the ribbing round the neckline, so I think most people would be able to sew up an Enid fairly happily, even if you don't have masses of experience sewing knits - I'm still a relative knit newbie and I didn't have any problems.

So this is another great top to add to my wardrobe, and I plan to follow it with the square necked version of Enid at some point, but maybe not till next autumn/winter. At the moment I'm starting to feel like I've made lots of good wardrobe staple/basic/sensible things since the start of the year, which is all well and good and I'm happy with how they've all turned out and integrated into my daily wardrobe, but I'm starting to feel an itch to make a pretty and slightly frivolous dress. Does anyone else get that when you've been focussing on basics for a while? I'm feeling an Emery coming on...


  1. I had eyed up this fabric on line. Wish I had got it now this is great. The shape of this is smashing. Always good to be warm and stylish.

    1. Thanks Louise! It is lovely fabric - I'd definitely recommend the fabric if it happens to pop up for sale again!


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