Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rainbow colours

I've been working on a couple of simple small things this week, and both have been inspired by lovely cheerful rainbow colours - I love colour in general so it's hardly surprising that rainbows creep into my crafting every now and then.

The first rainbow gem that I've made this week is actually the first step towards a bigger goal, my first independent crochet project since I finished my beginners' course. Here it is...

Nothing fancy, just a rainbow coloured Granny square. My original plan was to make loads of these and make a whole rainbow coloured blanket, but I've seen some lovely blankets where the squares all have white borders and a whole variety of colours in the middle, so I'm tempted to make the rainbow squares into a cushion instead and then start a blanket with white-edged squares instead. Opinions on what would be best are most welcome!

And my second rainbow themed make is this...

A pretty little card for my Auntie - quite a simple idea but I'm pleased with how it's turned out.

I've also started work on my second Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt as well, so hopefully that'll be ready to share with you soon - watch this space!

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